In the event of a death, please contact our Funeral Co-ordinator, Jo-Anne Winston, on 020 7432 1298.

Burials or cremations, as well as evening prayers, can be arranged by LJS staff. The LJS can help with your funeral needs whether or not you are a member of the synagogue, even if one partner is Jewish and the other is not: synagogue membership is not required. There is a helpful booklet, ‘When Someone Dies: How to Arrange a Funeral through The LJS’, here.

The synagogue does not run or subscribe to any funeral expenses scheme, so the deceased’s estate or heirs must meet the cost of the burial and/or cremation. LJS members are not charged for a plot: the cost is included in the funeral charge, which is substantially lower for LJS members than for non-members. (If you are over 65 and wish to become an LJS member, please contact the funerals co-ordinator for more details of charges.)

Reporting a death on festivals, bank holidays and out of office hours

If you need to report a death when the office is closed, please contact the LJS undertakers, Calo’s Funeral Directors: 020 8958 2112. Please note that most register offices may also be closed at these times and all paperwork, including death certificates and registration of death, need to be in place before a funeral can be arranged.

Useful Contacts

Funerals Co-ordinator at the LJS: Jo-Anne Winston
020 7432 1298 or email

Calo’s Funeral Directors:
020 8958 2112;

Cemetery Superintendent:
020 8459 1635

The LJS Cemetery on Pound Lane is currently closed until further notice.

About the cemetery

The LJS has its own cemetery at Pound Lane, Willesden. It was opened in 1914 and should remain active for at least another 50 years. Space is available for burials and interment of ashes for members and non-members of The LJS, though only LJS members have automatic burial rights there. The synagogue is happy to organise and arrange burials for non-members at Pound Lane, whether they are Jewish or not. It is the general policy of the synagogue not to separate in death those who were together in life. This becomes increasingly important as mixed-faith partners grow old. Jewish non-members and/or their partners from all relationships are therefore welcome to apply for burial at our cemetery.

The cemetery offers a number of alternatives including rose gardens, small ashes graves, a columbarium, family plots, and burial in depth. It is possible to reserve graves. The cemetery also has a war memorial and a Holocaust memorial.

A record of all graves and ashes is held by the cemetery superintendent and Jo-Anne Winston at the LJS office. Please contact Jo-Anne Winston at for more information. Genealogical information can be obtained on request.

Getting to the cemetery

The cemetery is situated off Pound Lane, Willesden, London NW10 2HG. At the south-east end of Pound Lane is a fire station, next to the fire station is a block of flats and by the side of the flats is a small road that leads to the cemetery. See map.

Bus: Routes 6 and 226 stop outside the fire station. Bus numbers 52 and 98 stop in Willesden High Road, at the corner of Hawthorn Road; walk down Hawthorn Road to the cemetery (about five minutes).

Underground: The nearest stations are Dollis Hill or Willesden Green, both of which are 10-15 minutes walk from the cemetery.

Grave maintenance

We can arrange for the upkeep of graves, including some renovations where necessary, and regular cleaning of headstones and yearly planting if required. For more details please contact the Funerals Co-ordinator.