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Sun 26

Willesden Cemetery Inheritance Day

26th May at 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sun 26

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Dear Members and Friends,

The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The inscription on the bell reads: ‘Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof’ (Leviticus 25:10, this week’s Torah portion Behar.) A significant part of the modern image of the bell as an image of the proclamation of American independence was forged by writer George Lippard. His story ‘Fourth of July, 1776’ depicted an aged bellman on July 4…….

Based on a new  book of essays of inter-religions learning and dialogues, edited  by Rabbi Tony Bayfield. Click below for more information, including your speaker line-up.  LJS Members – free of charge. Non-members, £10 per session.

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